What is Franklin Hatchett Ecom?

Franklin Hatchett is a popular YouTuber who shares many tips on how to make money online. He also has an eCom Elites course that offers a comprehensive guide to starting a profitable dropshipping business.

Online MarketingFranklin Hatchett Ecom covers everything from product sourcing to driving traffic to your store. It also includes weekly live Q&A sessions with Franklin.

What is eCom Elites?

Franklin Hatchett is a digital entrepreneur who has been dropshipping for quite some time. He has made a good living from it, and claims to have multiple 6-figure stores. He also teaches students how to do the same with his eCom Elites course, which is fairly comprehensive and covers everything from product sourcing to traffic strategies.

The course includes over 200+ videos across 9 modules that cover a wide range of topics, including finding winning products, choosing suppliers, creating an optimized store, automating sales, and more. It also includes 75+ videos on paid and free traffic, as well as a mastermind group with over 10,000 other members. The course costs $197 or $297, with the more expensive package containing more resources.

As far as quality is concerned, this course is top-notch. Franklin’s training is in-depth, and he takes the time to explain why things work or don’t. This is a major difference from other courses that simply give you a “paint-by-numbers” solution that might not even work next week.

Moreover, this course is regularly updated to include new strategies and tactics as they become available. For example, the Facebook Ads module was recently updated to include new methods and approaches for getting more sales from your ads. Additionally, Franklin often has one-on-one coaching sessions in the eCom Elites private Facebook group, which is an awesome benefit for students looking for more personalized help.

Another great feature of this course is its thorough email marketing module. Franklin teaches students how to build a list, send out newsletters, warm up cold leads, and increase open rates. In addition, this module also contains videos on how to use coupons and create review sites to drive more sales.

Overall, eCom Elites is a great option for anyone who wants to learn how to make money from dropshipping. It is comprehensive, offers weekly Q&A sessions with Franklin, and has a reasonable price tag. Additionally, Franklin’s students have posted positive reviews on Reddit, which is a good sign that the program works. However, like any business, it will take hard work and dedication to succeed.

How does eCom Elites work?

eCom Elites is a comprehensive course on how to build a profitable online store. It covers everything from sourcing products and running Facebook ads to email marketing. It also includes training on SEO. In addition to the core dropshipping course, Franklin also offers a sales funnel academy and done-for-you templates. The course is highly effective and has helped many students build 6-figure online stores.

The course is well-structured and easy to follow. Each module builds on the previous one, so you can easily progress through the training. It is fluff-free and Franklin’s teaching style is clear and concise.

While the eCom Elites course does not cover every aspect of running an online store, it does provide a comprehensive foundation for beginners. The training is regularly updated, so it will always contain the latest strategies for making money with dropshipping.

Franklin also teaches how to get free traffic from YouTube and other social media sites. This is a great way to boost sales without spending a lot of money on ads. In addition, he provides step-by-step instructions for setting up an online store and using the Shopify platform. The course also covers a variety of topics, including ad campaigns, SEO, and launching an affiliate campaign.

While some people have been able to make 5 or even 6 figures per month with the eCom Elites course, it is important to note that this is not an automatic process. You will have to work hard and be committed to your business if you want to see results.

The course also contains detailed instruction on how to create a profitable online store with Shopify. It covers everything from sourcing products and generating traffic to running Facebook ads and email marketing. Franklin also discusses how to set up a profitable website in less than 30 days. The eCom Elites course is well-structured and easy to understand, making it a good choice for beginners.

Unlike other ecommerce courses, eCom Elites also includes free traffic strategies. This is a huge benefit because it can help you to increase your profit margins by reducing your ad costs. The course is easy to follow and has been updated several times over the years.

Is eCom Elites a scam?

Franklin Hatchett is a legitimate businessman who has made an incredible amount of money in online sales. He runs his own dropshipping stores that sell everything from tactical backpacks to beauty products. He also has a number of successful students who have built 5 and 6-figure a month stores using his methods. He is a master in sales funnels which is why he was awarded two 2-Comma Club awards from Russell Brunson (founder of ClickFunnels).

eCom Elites has been around since 2017 and has recently been updated. It is now a 12-module course that covers everything from intense product research to setting up your Shopify store and driving traffic to it with Facebook, Instagram, SEO, email marketing, and chatbots. In addition, Franklin offers weekly Q&A sessions and access to a private Facebook group for his students.

What makes eCom Elites different from other ecommerce courses is that it is designed for people who are new to dropshipping. The first half of the course teaches you how to find and select profitable products, how to set up your Shopify store, and how to drive traffic to your store with Facebook and Instagram ads. This is all done in the context of building a sustainable, scalable business.

Another unique feature of eCom Elites is that it includes training on Google Ads. This is important because many ecommerce companies are now shifting to paid traffic as a way of getting more leads and sales. The course includes videos on how to set up Google Ads, including creating a pixel, retargeting audiences, keyword research, and ad layout and structure optimization.

Finally, eCom Elites includes a section on how to use chatbots to generate more sales and lead generation for your business. This is a great feature that is becoming increasingly popular and can be a great way to increase your revenue.

Overall, eCom Elites is a good course for anyone who wants to learn how to start and grow their own dropshipping business. It is packed with lots of information and has a lot of value for its price. Also, it is worth mentioning that Franklin Hatchett is a very active member in the eCom Elites private Facebook group and has been very helpful to his students.

Is eCom Elites worth it?

Franklin Hatchett makes a lot of money in the online world through his dropshipping business and by creating products and selling them to others. His main goal is to help people break away from the tradition of exchanging their time for money (aka their jobs). He does this by showing them how to start their own ecommerce businesses that can make enough revenue to replace their income.

He teaches students how to set up their own Shopify stores, and he also provides them with the tools they need to increase their store’s revenue. In addition, he offers a full refund to anyone who doesn’t see the results they want from their course.

eCom Elites is designed for beginners and intermediates looking to make money with a Shopify store. It’s a comprehensive course that covers everything from setting up your store to running ads to generating sales. And it’s affordable compared to other courses that teach the same thing.

What sets eCom Elites apart from other dropshipping courses is that it includes a comprehensive advertising module. This allows you to run more effective Facebook and Instagram ads. It’s a great way to generate more sales and make more money!

Another great feature of eCom Elites is that it’s constantly updated. This means that Franklin is always adding new videos and strategies to help his students succeed. In addition, the price is a tenth of what other courses cost, making it an amazing value.

There are two pricing options for eCom Elites: the standard package and the ultimate package. The only difference between the two is that the ultimate package includes some bonus content like Franklin’s sales funnel academy and done-for-you templates.

Overall, eCom Elites is an excellent course for those who are serious about starting their own successful Shopify store. It’s updated regularly, and Franklin’s training is clear and easy to understand. And the price is much lower than other courses that offer similar content.